Post Pocket Versalog 1461

(Click for a larger image)

The pocket-sized version of the ever-popular Versalog, this is one nice slide rule. Bearing all of the color-coded. self-documenting scales of its full-size sibling, and the same plastic-laminated bamboo construction, the Post 1461 is one of my favorite rules.

The specimen pictured here is the original pocket Versalog; the later Versalog II added the A scale to the front of the rule and moved the L scale to the back.

Front: LL0, LL/0, K, DF, CF, CIF, CI, C, D, R1, R2, L
Back: LL/1, LL/2, LL/3, T/T, SecT/ST, Cos/S, C, D, LL3, LL2, LL1