Post Versalog II 1460

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The Versalog is my favorite slide rule: beautiful to look at, with a nice heft and silky-smooth feel, it is a duplex log-log decimal trig rule of the highest quality.

This specimen is the one that I bought in college, circa 1979. Of course, by then calculators had quite firmly replaced slide rules even among poor students, but the college bookstore still had a couple of rules left, and I just had to have one. This one came with a two-piece gray plastic case instead of a nice leather case; possibly a more economical set intended for students.

The Versalog was manufactured for the Frederick Post Company (later Teledyne Post) by Hemmi of Japan, and is of typical Hemmi construction: Bamboo body covered by a white plastic laminate into which the scales are engraved.

Front: LL/0, K, A, DF, CF, CIF, CI, C, D, R1, R2, LL0.
Back: L, LL/1, LL/2, LL/3, T/T, SecT/SRT, Cos/S, C, D, LL3, LL2, LL1.